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Based in The Vernon District of Los Angeles, Sol-Pak Inc. is a manufacturer of a broad line of clear, plastic containers for the foodservice industry.

All production takes place at our facility in Vernon. Using an expert design and engineering team, as well as the most efficient methods of manufacturing, we are able to consistently achieve a level of quality, service and affordability that is unsurpassed in the industry.


A constant focus on communication at every level is imperative to our commitment of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. This takes place at every level of the company, whether internally through efficient communication between our employees to prevent unwelcome surprises, as well as externally between Sol-Pak and our customer base to insure the confidence that our customers have come to rely to on.

Sol-Pak products have a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our product engineers make sure that every product we make adheres to a strict code of quality that maintains the level of confidence our customers have come to expect.

Flexibility is the key to our business, as such, we are always prepared to take on new projects for customers and entertain your ideas. The growth of our product line has come as a result of the demands of our customers. We are always prepared to provide a customized solution to your business.

Taking pride in what we produce and having the desire to consistently excel is imperative to our success. This dedication guides Sol-Pak in our product development, quality control, and customer communication.

Our Working Processto serve you the best way possible.

creation & design

Sol-Pak manufactures a broad line of containers to suit the needs of all areas involving food service. Our product line is constantly expanding across materials and a variety of sizes that allows Sol-Pak to become a "one stop shop" for our customers.

serve & maintain

From our facility in Vernon, California, a wide variety of product designs are reviewed on a week to week basis to determine how to expand our product offering. Our in-house design team is able to make ideas for packaging into reality in a matter of weeks creating a constant flow of new product offerings to meet our customers needs.

produce & deliever

We always meet our deadline, no matter what the circumstances. All plastic scrap created at our facility is recycled and reused by various parts and packaging manufacturers. A certain portion of Sol-Pak containers are made from PETE, the most commonly accepted recycled plastic.